Dr. Michael A. Hedderich


I’m a Junior Research Group Leader at Munich University (LMU), affiliated with the group of Barbara Plank and the Munich Center for Machine Learning. My research covers the intersection of machine learning, natural language processing and human-computer interaction. In the development of AI systems, human factors play a crucial role, like in

​I’m both interested in developing new technology as well as building bridges from AI to other interested fields. To this end, my work includes technical and foundational methods, human-centered approaches, and applications in fields ranging from archeology to medical research.

Open positions: I’m looking for another PhD candidate as well as a research assistant. If you are interested in my work, here are possibilities to join my group.


My current affiliation is
Munich University (LMU), Germany, affiliated with the group of Barbara Plank and the Munich Center for Machine Learning.
In the past, I had the pleasure to work at
Cornell University, USA, with the group of Qian Yang.
User Interfaces group of Antti Oulasvirta at Aalto University, Finland.
Disney Research Studios in Zürich, Switzerland.
Spoken Language Systems (LSV) group of Dietrich Klakow at Saarland Informatics Campus, Germany, where I did my PhD.
Exploratory Data Analysis group of Jilles Vreeken at the Cluster of Excellence (now CISPA Helmholtz Center), Germany.
Deep Data lab of Gerard de Melo at Rutgers University, USA.
Gerhard Weikum and Andrew Yates at the Max Planck Institute for Computer Science, Germany.
the machine translation research and development teams at Amazon in Berlin.
the Information Systems group at Mainz University.


May 2024 Our paper on enabling non-AI-expert teachers to build LLM-based chatbots and studying how they want to use them got accepted at CHI and our paper on modeling crowdworker behavior through computational rationality got accepted at Behaviour & Information Technology. I’ll also be at CHI’24 if you would like to meet.
Mar 2024 I’ll give a lecture on the technical foundations of LLMs for HCI students at Aalto University 📖
Nov 2023 I’ll be visiting Pittsburgh (CMU) and Boston (Northeastern and Harvard) in November and EMNLP in Singapore in December. If you want to meet, just let me know 🧳
Jul 2023 Our Azure grant for working on biomedical literature got extended for a year 🥳
May 2023 I’ll be visiting various groups in Germany during Mai. Let me know if you want to meet in Munich, Saarbrücken, Mainz/Frankfurt or Berlin! Also looking forward to my talk at LMU Munich 🥨
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